Jessica Elkins was a healthy, fifteen-year old living in Athens, Alabama in November of 2007. She was a JV cheerleader and loved spending time with her friends and family. On December 21, after taking her final math exam, Jessica appeared fine. Right after lunch she began feeling sick and was taken to the local doctor. They diagnosed her with the flu and sent her home. The next day, her mother saw that she had tiny bruises all over her body. They rushed her to Decatur General Hospital where she was diagnosed with meningitis and then was medflighted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The doctor was very honest and told us that many children die from this, but because we got her there so fast she had a better chance. While there her stats would improve and then drastically fall. On December 26th, the nursed checked her eyes and ran to get the doctor. Her brain was dead. Jessica passed away on December 26, 2007. PLEASE get your child vaccinated. No parent or family wants to go through a tragedy like this.